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Ways to secure your email account

When we think of securing ourselves online, we immediately think of VPNs, firewalls, anti-virus, or (as website owners), SSL Certificates. But how often do we think of email security — or, more to the point, what we can do to enhance email safety for business? 

A global recession has triggered an uptick in scams, perhaps due to a combination of financial desperation and new opportunities to prey upon others who are themselves more desperate. Many such scams can start with a bogus email. 

Emails scams are nothing new. Perhaps it’s because when we’re inside our inbox, we feel a virtual bubble of safety, looking at a mixture of communications from friends, familiar businesses, and references to that cinema trip we took. Hackers take advantage of this bubble by using a whole arsenal of deception — whether it’s a sender address that looks suspiciously like the one you’re used to (spoofing), or a convincing message masquerading as being from a trusted contact. Sometimes it can simply be an irresistible form of clickbait.

While many attacks are best described as psychological, choosing the right email provider can help defend you against them. You might consider working them into a secure email policy for your business that’s full of email security tips for employees.

11 email safety tips

1. Make sure that you go with a reliable and established email provider

2. Double-check that your email provider has a powerful anti-spam system and that it’s enabled for your email account

3. Look for clues

4. Always scan email attachments 

5. Never log in to a website from an email link

6. Never access emails from public Wi-Fi

7. Use aliases to protect your email address

9. Use a strong password and change it regularly

10. Enable 2FA and block IMAP/SMTP connection

11. Use Application Passwords

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